Welcome to Part 2 of the Chuck and Dave Interview from Hills District Sydney APL

Poker Near Me: Chucky, my favorite game in the Hills district is calling fit on a Friday night. And what’s your favorite APL game to either play or TD?

Chucky: My favorite one would have to be either the Saturday or the Tuesday at the Hills Balling Club mainly because it’s probably the closest club to me. But it’s also the type of people that it attracts. Like everyone’s there, a lot of fun and it’s the same crowd from both days. So you sort of… It’s like meeting your mates every second day, third day.

Poker Near Me: So you get that camaraderie you’re talking about before-

Chucky: Yeah, inside jokes and you know a bit more about them, not just the standard, “Hey, how are you?” It’s more like, “Hey, how’s your kids?” Not the general passing your test, did you do this? Did you do that? So it’s a more personal feeling than some other games that I might not frequently TD or play.

Dave: If I had to choose favorite games to play, I would definitely probably be the Friday night just like you, the Friday night at Carling ford. I like the structure and the stacks and also the-

Poker Near Me: That’s a deep stack isn’t it?

Dave: Correct.

Poker Near Me: So it’s $20 buy in there?

Dave: Yep. And you have two $10 add-on options, which gives you 15 K starts stack, 15 K add-on and another 15 K top-up at the break.

Poker Near Me: Dave, playing lots of different games around the country and one thing I’ve noticed is that the quality of the TDs you have here in the Hills District is excellent. What would you put that down to?

Dave: We really get the guys to focus a lot on customer service and like I said before, it’s about having a good experience here. It’s just about socializing. So even when we get new players, we make sure that the TDs will go and check on the new players to see if they’ve won a part, see how they are doing and let the table know they are new too, so that can help them out if they have any issues or troubles on the table.

Poker Near Me: Aside from the weekly games, do you host any special tournaments?

Dave: Yes. Every two months we have a 5 K regionals and every three months we have a 10 K Hills Open tournament. We also try and do some tag team tournaments-

Chucky: Jokers wild.

Dave: Jokers wild, yeah. So just different events to get players, you know-

Chucky: Interested.

Poker Near Me: And so Chucky, that 10 day tournament, what do you actually win if you win that tournament?

Chucky: The 10 K Hills open has a minimum guarantee of a 10,000 in cash and prizes where first takes a bulk in cash and an entry into the APL millions.

Poker Near Me: The APL millions, is that a big game?

Chucky: Yes. It’s $1 million minimum guaranteed all cash prize pool. As you say here it’s just on the banners behind us. It’s held at the Star Casino once a year around March.

Dave: It’s minimum $250,000 for first, a quarter of a mill for first. But I believe last year first got just under-

Chucky: 300.

Dave: Around about $300,000 yeah.

Poker Near Me: That’s a lot of money for a game of poker.

Chucky: And realistically you can win it all starting at a free roll game.

Poker Near Me: Yeah. So you could play a free roll here today, win a ticket into the regional?

Dave: If you make the final table here. So all nine players who make final table will get a ticket into our 5 K regionals. If they happen to win the regionals, they can get a ticket into or they will get a ticket into the APL millions.

Poker Near Me: Wow, and then they got a crack at 250 to $300,000?

Dave: Correct.

Chucky: Correct.

Poker Near Me: What a pathway hey.

Dave: Correct.

Poker Near Me: Yep. That’s really good. Yeah.

Poker Near Me: How do you promote your games?

Chucky: Facebook is our main promotional tool that we use to try and drive, engage with our players and attract new players through advertising, paid sponsorships and what not.
Poker Near Me: What’s your final message to those considering those considering playing poker at APL Hills District Poker?

Dave: It’s free to play. You can come in, meet some amazing people in the Hills district.

Poker Near Me: I think that’s the message I’m getting here, that although poker obviously there’s money at the end of the trial, but it’s really more about socializing, having a bit of laugh on the table and taken seriously by actually enjoying yourself and you know what’s wrong with coming out on a Sunday evening and playing poker instead of watching TV?

Chucky: Yes. Sitting at home, you might as well come out and play one of the premium poker events we do have around in the Sydney area.

Poker Near Me; Thanks to Chuck and Dave from Hills District APL poker Sydney for taking part in this interview.

Jack Diamond
Author: Jack Diamond